Where has the time gone?!?

Wow, so sorry! It’s been a wild year and a half. We got new jobs, moved states, sold and bought a house. 

If I think I had a project house before….behold the biggest project we’ve taken on to date!  

We bought a historically registered Colonial Revival built in 1898. We are ONLY the third owners. Crazy!

She’s beautiful but needs some Love! We’ve been living here for about 8 months. We are in no rush to make huge changes because we want to get it right. And by right I mean very, very expensive things are needed 😉

We have an ancient boiler/radiant heating system, no insulation, no A/C, need updated electrical, plumbing, windows and storm windows. We have an old carriage house for a temporary garage, but can’t actually put cars in there so we need one of those too! There are several layers of wallpaper on EVERYTHING, including the ceilings. 

The good news…hardwood floors throughout, amazing vintage lighting, lots of space, huge windows and a completely unfinished third story. And let’s be honest it’s absolutely stunning as is! 

Anyhoo, I’ll try to update more regularly. My head is kind of spinning from the sheer magnitude of work but we will just take it slow. Not a lot of time for crafting at the moment either. 

Take care!



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